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Space based on the construction of high-quality, quality for this, based on honesty, innovation Zhiyuan, holding the integrity mutual benefit and common prosperity, with great virtue. The service attitude of the quality of their own constantly towards a new level, the implementation of the service system in accordance with ISO9001. 
Basic service: 
Provide installation manual for each equipment, including the maintenance of common sense; 
Three years warranty, life-long maintenance; 
There are 1% of the machine; 
 Maintenance spare parts guarantee 5 working days to return to the user; 
Provide technical guidance to the user during the installation of the network equipment and the measurement of the system; 
According to user needs, can send technical personnel to conduct on-site guidance and maintenance; 
Provide 7 X 24 technical services, major issues 24 hours to reach the user site; 
Technical training in Shenzhen or user site according to user's needs; 
With complete R & D, production and maintenance capacity; 
A full range of product maintenance spare parts warehouse; 
Experience in large-scale network construction, can help users to build network. 
Service rules: 
 Dear customer, thank you for your purchase of the company's products! In order to guarantee your rights and interests, please read the following carefully: 
 1, the company is committed to: product since the company, authorized distributors or dealers purchase date, shifting one-year, three-year warranty and lifelong maintenance. 
2, this warranty card will serve as your warranty certificate, please keep it properly. 
3, the effective in the company, authorized distributor or dealer stamp. 
4, one of the following circumstances, not in the scope of this warranty, the maintenance of a certain part of the cost of maintenance fees and maintenance fees. 
No, warranty card, invoice or stamped with the seal of the dealer. 
To alter the warranty card, invoice. 
Or because of improper use, harmed by other machines or without my permission to disassemble or refit company. 
To buy after the fault due to improper handling, falling, water and other causes. 
 due to external causes of fire, earthquake, lightning and other human irresistible natural disasters, abnormal voltage caused by the fault and damage. 
It exceeds the free warranty period (from the date of purchase is limited to three years). 
 Customer service and technical support to service provision 
 After-sales service commitment: 
Our company established the quality assurance system of our company according to the ISO9001 quality assurance model. Our products according to the product life cycle of the whole process of the quality of the ring for the whole process 
 Control. To implement a full range of quality commitment to customers. 
The following is my company's commitment to customer service, but also my company's basic requirements for after-sales service: 
1, our company free of charge to provide random accessories and tools (see "packing list"); 
, the products delivered by our company in handling the transportation, all have to deal with insurance. Including freight shall be borne by the company, the free shipping. In the course of transportation 
The company shall be responsible for the replacement of the product quality problems, and the expenses shall be borne by the company; 
 3, the effective implementation of the factory product quality "three packs of" (repair, Baotui, Baohuan) commitment, where our company product quality problems, or the delivery process in product quality 
 Volume, the cost of the third package will be borne by my company; 
4, the product free warranty period for the equipment after two years, in the warranty period, free replacement of raw materials and manufacturing processes, such as the problem of damage caused by the corresponding parts; 
5, attaches great importance to the user feedback on the quality of our products, regardless of the person, calls, letters, should be in 24 hours to make a deal. And immediately notify the user. 
Need to send personnel to the user site treatment, should be completed within 24 hours; 
 6, my company sales to each customer's products are the implementation of a lifetime warranty and supply of spare parts required to repair; 
7, our company free training of the operator, so that the training staff to understand the principles of the equipment, operating procedures, as well as maintenance, maintenance methods; 
8, our company set up the customer file, in order to conduct regular service tracking and quality tracking; 
9, the company will send a regular feedback to the customer unit for advice, check the equipment operation, to ensure the normal operation of the equipment; 
Above is my company's commitment to customer service, but also all marketing, after-sales service personnel work guidelines, urge the customer to monitor the implementation of. 
 Customer service Tel: 0755-23141122 (straight line) 
 Customer service Fax: 0755-23141122 customer service email: zwq586@163.com 
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